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Shades, Blinds, and Curtains Against The Summer Heat

The heat can be quite a big problem in the summer. It can make us less productive and make our homes feel unpleasant and hard to enjoy. While there are many options to cope with excessively warm weather, solutions like fans and air conditioning may not be sufficient to handle the problem. Air conditioning can make any house cooler but can also be tied to higher expenses and is not always affordable. It can drive the bills through the roof, so it should not be the only solution available for coping with the heat. Many focus on cooling down indoors but miss a very important strategy – shading the window. Shading the window can reduce the heat that comes from these sources significantly and cut down other expenses. It involves a one-time investment into the product (and potentially maintenance) and can be easier in terms of installation and handling. Let’s take a look at some options you have.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains can be an effective way of protecting your house against the heat. Simply keeping them closed can be a way of reducing the temperature, although it is important to manage the light as well as the heat. To maximize the effectiveness of curtains, it’s important to choose specific types of fabric and color. Darker colors tend to absorb more light, as do heavier fabrics. It’s a good idea to select drapes that are not too dark or too light and that have medium-type fabrics. Keeping the curtains close to the glass can also make them more efficient. You might consider having more than one set of drapes for different weather, as drapes can also be an effective way of keeping the heat in during winter. You can find specific types of curtains and drapes to suit your needs. Blackout curtains are great for the night and can also block out direct sunlight, but in rooms with less illumination, they might create a darker atmosphere. Thermal curtains are made specially to keep the heat or the cool air in, which might make them a good complement for an AC system.



Shades are easy to install, cheap, and efficient. They can be installed close to the frame to keep out the heat. There are different types of shades that suit different aesthetic sensibilities and that can fit your window and overall décor. White and light shades are good at keeping the heat out. Shades can also be used in the winter if they have a dark side that can be employed to keep heat in. The main issue with shades is that they can block out the sun and the light, because you need to keep them drawn. But for windows that get direct sunlight or those in rooms that don’t need a lot of natural light, shades are a great option, especially if you can find ones with several layers. They don’t require much maintenance, are easy to clean, can be installed and uninstalled quickly, and may be used in winter and in summer.  Their main downside is the light, as you have to keep them closed.



Blinds provide less insulation than other options but they can be adjusted for better results. You can adjust them to get more or less light and more or less air, which can make them a versatile choice for rooms that need insulation, light, and ventilation. There are different types of blinds to consider. Perfect fit blinds are designed specifically for your window, which makes them look good. They are customizable. Roller blinds are more efficient at keeping heat out but they are less customizable and might not be easily adjusted. Venetian blinds are good looking and great for temperature control. They also allow for more light to come through, which helps you keep your home open to sunlight.

What should you choose between blinds, curtains, and shades? All three options are good for keeping out the heat, and the choice will depend largely on your aesthetic preferences, your budget, and the look you are going for. For example, shades and blinds can look more modern, while curtains are better for a more classical house arrangement. You can also choose different options depending on the light and the ventilation. For example, curtains work better for a window you prefer to keep open. With all options, you can make them more heat resistant by choosing specific materials, colors, and designs.