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Patio Remodeling That Focuses on Shading

Dealing with the heat can be unpleasant unless you have the proper protection. When your house has a yard or a patio, you may want to protect your outdoor space from the rays of the sun and create a nice shade that allows you to enjoy the warm weather without getting too toasty. There are different options that you can use to remodel your patio to withstand any heat wave that comes your way. In addition to being practical, many of these look amazing and can help you give your home a distinctive look. Let’s take a look at a few ideas you can use to improve your patio.

 Do You Want a Permanent or a Retractable Structure?

The first question you may want to ask yourself is whether you want a structure that will always be there or something retractable that can be pulled out and put away as needed. A permanent construction can be more expensive but also more durable and wouldn’t require you to make the effort to open or close it. Some closed structures, like a solid cover, can also protect against the rain or the snow depending on how it is built. This can help you save some money and enjoy your patio all year round. However, if this is not a relevant concern (because you don’t usually get bad weather or only use the patio in the summer heat), you may consider a retractable option, like a sail shade. This type of cover can be moved and re-attached easily.

 Consider the Upsides and the downsides

Each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. A sail shade is the cheapest option, while a structure like a pergola or a solid cover can be more expensive. A pergola can improve the look of your patio and provide a nice addition.  Permanent structures can be decorated as you wish and can be made from different materials to adjust them to your needs. They also provide year-round coverage from the weather but that also means that they will need maintenance eventually to keep looking nice. Cheaper options, like a sail shade, can be attached and removed easily. They provide some protection from the heat but are a little less effective. Ask yourself what are the main factors that matter to you: the look, the effectiveness, protection against all types of weather, the cost, or something else.

 Know Your Options

We have mentioned some shading options before but let’s consider what the main structures are. The first is a sail shade, a piece of fabric that is designed to shield against the sun. This is attached to the home or to several points of the patio. It significantly reduces heat and also gives some protection against the rain. It looks fine but might clash with your house’s overall look.

Your second option is a pergola. A pergola is a structure of pillars that support a roof that usually has a grid pattern. Pergolas look very nice and provide a lot of shade without obstructing the view of the sky. They allow the natural light to filter through. They can be made from wood or modern materials like fiberglass or PVC. Pergolas are quite affordable, although those that are made from wood often require on-going maintenance. Depending on the type of roof you choose, they might not protect against the rain or the snow.

Palapas and umbrellas give a beach-like appearance to the space and might work especially well for pool-side. Palapas have dry palm leaves or synthetic roofs depending on your preference, so you might need to maintain them quite often. They are easy to put together and tend to be affordable. Umbrellas are among your cheapest options for shading as well, as they can be purchased and don’t require any construction work. Umbrellas can be easily moved, folded, and put away but they tend to be smaller and cover less space that the other options. This could make them a good option for small patios.

Solid covers provide a roof for your patio that will protect it from the weather all year. They might obstruct the view of the sky, but it’s possible to add skylights or lattices to maintain it. A solid cover may require some construction work but can be adapted to fit the look of the house and provide a permanent solution for the patio. They won’t only protect from the shade but also from the rain and the snow, although they might require special cleaning.

Overall, there are many options to get some shade on your patio. You can add permanent or removable fixtures to enjoy the heat without getting sunburn and change the look of the space to be more elegant or beach-like. There are options for different budgets and purposes to choose from.