Do you have a budget? Here is How to Choose the Best Solar Shades for Your Home!

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  • Do you have a budget? Here is How to Choose the Best Solar Shades for Your Home!

Do you have a budget? Here is How to Choose the Best Solar Shades for Your Home!

Solar shades are the best option for a room that gets a lot of sunlight. It allows you to filter out this sunlight without losing your view. It reduces the heat inside the house, ensures that the sun doesn’t bleach out your furniture or the floor, and keeps your window clear enough to enjoy the sights. However, solar shades, especially those using modern fabrics or mechanical rolling options, tend to be more expensive that the alternative. What can you do on a budget?

Let’s ask ourselves what makes solar shades different from other options. They are a special type of shades that block UV rays and may block over 90% of these. UV rays produce heat and may cause damage to your things. Essentially, solar shades are like sunscreen for your window and serve to reduce the heat and make sure that the rays don’t bleach out the floor or things that they touch. This means that you may be especially interested in solar shades for rooms that are hit with direct sunlight but not those that are cooler or only get sunlight once a day.

First of all, consider what you need. Some people may be satisfied with another type of shade that reduces sunlight and doesn’t outright block it like a solar shade. A room without a view can do with a blackout curtain, and a room that gets very cold in the winter might not benefit too much from a solar shade, as this will keep the sun out even during the less-than-warm seasons. You may be better served by placing solar shades only in rooms that receive direct sunlight and that tend to get too hot or feel the negative effects of the sun. If you reduce the amount of shading you want or use different options across your house, you can cut down costs and place the solar shades as needed.

Second, consider how you can make your purchase cheaper. Custom or customizable options tend to be more expensive, so you probably would want to buy a standard solar shade size. You may also want slightly less popular or fancier models, so don’t got for this year’s hot new color or alternative. Avoid anything mechanical and try to look for discounted models. You are seeking functionality above all. You might also want to try different shops and browse around for the lowest price. If your window is non-standard, you may have to mount it outside of the frame. Another option is to buy thrift or used shades if you can find them. If you are handy, you might buy a set of simple shades and replace the fabric they use with solar-blocking fabric, which should cost less on its own. You would just need to be careful with the measures and check that the fabric can be replaced. You wouldn’t want to mess with mechanical roller shades but a simple set of roller shades can be easily modified. Depending on the costs, you could even ask someone to help you cut out the old shades and replace them with solar ones. Buying the fabric separately could also allow you to get creative and handy and construct your own set of shades for a fraction of the cost, and the internet has many tutorials to help you accomplish this task.